Quinta del Obispo

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La Quinta del Obispo


Viña Albares


Fifth Bishop sits on the ancient vineyards of Don Antolin Lopez, Archbishop of Tarragona in the early twentieth century. Don Antolin was loved and respected by the people of Albares of the Bank and in his honor we call our vineyard “Quinta del Obispo”
Located in an area of ​​exceptional beauty, on a ridge of sandy soil and arzillo-south orientation, Quinta del Obispo is one of the best vineyards in the wine region of Bierzo.



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Our vineyard and winery is located in the Ribera Albares, locality of the town of Torre del Bierzo, in the province of León. Its origins date back to the ninth century with the establishment of the Monastery of St. Mary and St. Martin.
Land of great wine tradition, currently different grape varieties are grown, essences in the tradition and procedures, without ignoring the latest technological advances.

Our wines


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In the Fifth Bishop grow eight different varieties of grapes for our best wines.
We give each of our wines dedication, time and attention needed to make them unique.

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For winemaking is a good raw material required, why our grapes are harvested manually in the vineyards of the "Quinta del Obispo", passing directly from the winery. This process, performed daily in harvest season, ensures the freshness of the berry and control of the winemaking process from time zero, well as a more thorough check of the quality.
Once fermentation processes have completed, wines Bordeaux barrels go to the best French and American oak. The function of the barrel is to control oxygen ingress and good wine aging.

Grape Varieties


Quinta del Obispo


Quinta del Obispo has an exceptional vineyard where up to eight different varieties of grapes are grown to produce our finest wines.


In Fifth Bishop cultivate:


  • Mencia
  • Tempranillo
  • Merlot
  • Syrah
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Chardonnay
  • Gewürztraminer



Viña Albares


In the near future we will see two fairs in the region of Bierzo


1-From 6 to the 8 June, the town of I carracedelo celebrates the "XX Fair Farm and Multisectoral del Bierzo",

Carracedelo host of 8 to the 10 -Between 10.00 and 21.30 hours-the eighteenth edition of the Farm Fair and Multisectoral del Bierzo, more will be complemented one year with the Craft Fair of Castile-Leon Food and Wine Fair Romana.
The municipality of Cacabelos and Regulatory Council of the Denomination of origin during the days Bierzo 13, 14 and 15 June 2014 in the main square of Cacabelos invite anyone who wishes him to attend this fair where you can find a large number of Bodegas del Bierzo in which we find ourselves offering our range of white wines, pink and red.